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It's a Bill. Michelle's Law is now a bill in the Senate! Senator John Sununu introduced the following bill on January 25, 2007.

"Dedicated to Health Insurance for College Students".

With the stroke of his pen, Governor John Lynch signed into law Michelle's Law. The law became effective immediately. Thanks to all who attended the signing ceremony. those who could not we know that you were there with us in spirit. Michelle's Law is finished here in NH, however, we will be continuing on to get legislation adopted in the remaining states around the country.

CONCORD, N.H. - Joined by the family of Michelle Morse and legislators, Gov. John Lynch today signed "Michelle's Law," helping ensure that college students do not lose their health insurance when they need it most.

The legislation, HB 37, ensures that seriously ill college students can continue to receive health care insurance through their family's health insurance policy even if they are unable to maintain their full-time student status...

Tips for keeping your insurance

2.) very proud
From January 2004 through
October 2004, Michelle had
14 rounds of chemo every
other week, each lasting 48
hours, She lost weight and her
hair, but had not lost her will
to fight...

3.) Outlive our daughter?
She was an excellent
student teacher and any
district that hired
her would be lucky...
5.)“Michelle’s Law” (NH House Bill 37) Gets One Step Closer
NH Commerce Committee Votes 19 - 0 in Favor of Passage
6.) “Michelle’s Law” Mom to Issue Statement Following House Vote
AnnMarie Morse will Meet with Press, Take questions at LOB
During Legislature’s First Break

for more information contact Ann Marie Morse
P.O. Box 6543, Manchester, NH 03108-6543
Phone: 603.587.0422 Mobile Phone: 603.759.3366

Michelle Morse Eulogy


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