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"Dedicated to Health Insurance for College Students".

We have been paying premiums for the family for 22 years and this just couldn't be true. I contacted my insurance carrier, the New Hampshire Insurance Department and was told it does not matter that her illness is going to keep her out of school. She is not a full-time student; end of discussion.

I contacted the social security office, sent letters to my state Representatives and Senators, my congressional delegation in Washington, and the Governor, as well as many of the presidential candidates. I knew that something had to be done. If our daughter was still in high school there would be no questions.

I currently pay $290.14 (20%) per month for the family plan insurance. My employer pays the other 80%. With the additional premium for COBRA and co-pays our total cost for insurance would have been at least $1,000 per month. We could have paid a monthly premium for her to be covered in the New Hampshire High Risk Health Insurance Program (approximately $150/month) but the coverage had big co-pay and lots of restrictions. Unfortunately, she did not qualify for Medicaid.

This just made no sense; she was covered under the policy and a premium is paid for her every month. This seemed like a penalty or punishment for becoming seriously ill or injured as a full-time college student. As parents we should have been focusing on getting her the care she needed and getting her well, now why or how was she going to have to covered under COBRA.

2.) very proud
From January 2004 through
October 2004, Michelle had
14 rounds of chemo every
other week, each lasting 48
hours, She lost weight and her
hair, but had not lost her will
to fight...

3.) Outlive our daughter?
She was an excellent student
teacher and any district that
hired her would be lucky...

About Colon Cancer
Screenings and Testing
Who is my legislator and how
do I contact them?

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