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She was an excellent student teacher and any district that hired her would be lucky. She is full of life, has so much to give, has such a positive attitude, and has the will and determination that most wish they had. She inspired and made a difference to her students.

In June 2005 we found out her cancer is still active. Due to high toxicity levels and severe reactions to chemo, she can no longer have chemo. She will begin weekly treatments of a single drug that would have a better response if she could have it with chemo.

However, as parents we know the reality, we will outlive our daughter. Can you imagine? She has stage four cancer and we know the five year statistics. We know how hard it is to see our beautiful daughter and know everyday she may not live the long life we had always hoped for. Of course miracles do happen! Our lives and lives of other she has come in contact with have changed for the better.

We have been dealing with this for over 1 1/2 years. This is every parent's worse nightmare. We hope and pray that Michelle can beat the odds and someday make a difference in the classroom, but the odds are against her. Allow her to make a bigger difference to the families in NH and close this gap. It would be nice to know that if she did not beat the odds she did not die in vain.

2.) very proud
From January 2004 through
October 2004, Michelle had
14 rounds of chemo every
other week, each lasting 48
hours, She lost weight and her
hair, but had not lost her will
to fight...

3.) Outlive our daughter?
She was an excellent student
teacher and any district that
hired her would be lucky...

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