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"Dedicated to Health Insurance for College Students".

The hard thing to grasp is that she became ill while a full-time student and on our insurance. We are an average family of four, I am a teacher at Pembroke Academy, my husband is a regional manager for Advantage Sales and Marketing, and we have one other child attending college at the University of Maine. We pay our bills, give back to the community through volunteering, help the children with college, and follow the rules and laws. We are not wealthy, nor are most families in NH. No student should be taken off the family insurance plan and have to switch to COBRA because they cannot go back to school full-time due to a serious medical illness or injury. Support House Bill 37 and close the gap so that no other family in NH will have to worry about this. They can focus on getting the best, appropriate and needed treatment for their child.

2.) very proud
From January 2004 through
October 2004, Michelle had
14 rounds of chemo every
other week, each lasting 48
hours, She lost weight and her
hair, but had not lost her will
to fight...

3.) Outlive our daughter?
She was an excellent student
teacher and any district that
hired her would be lucky...

About Colon Cancer
Screenings and Testing
Who is my legislator and how
do I contact them?

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