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Dear Family, Friends and Colleagues,

Thank you for coming to celebrate Michelle’s Life with us. Michelle entered this world on December 20, 1982 at 5:35 p.m. – such a short time ago. From the minute she was born, anyone who met her loved her. You could not help but love her from the start. She had a beautiful smile that was genuine and sincere and once you met her you were hooked. As a little girl she was very social and happy. Her love for animals, family and friends was evident all the time. She ended her conversations with, “I Love You” and if you were face to face she would give you a hug and a kiss.

While in public school she was not sure what she wanted to do with her life. She loved children, especially those who most would consider challenging. She found her calling when she became a childhood studies major at PSU. Working with children is what she did best. She took everything she did seriously, but did not take herself seriously.

When she was doing mock job interview with Dr. Marianne True at PSU, I heard that she looked so professional. Her makeup and hair were flawless, her clothes and shoes were impeccable – except for one thing. Michelle had on a bright yellow pair of tweety bird socks.

Marianne made a comment and Michelle said, “Oh don’t worry; they will love them!” Michelle wanted to be known as the teacher who loved cats and wore goofy socks.

She always celebrated everyone else’s achievements. Whether it was someone’s engagement, new job, graduation, new baby, wedding, new car or anything else that was important, Michelle made sure they knew how special it was. When she graduated from high school and college, she carefully picked out very special gifts for her friends. This summer, even though she was very ill she hosted a bridal shower at our home for one of her coworkers and was devastated she could not attend the bridal shower of another.

During her final admission to the hospital she asked her nurse to bring her down to the gift shop so she could buy her Dad a birthday present.

Throughout her illness Michelle continued to teach us how to deal with adversity with grace, dignity, courage, strength, determination and a positive attitude. She always put everyone else before herself. When she confirmed with us that she was going to die she made plans and promises. She wants all her clothes and stuffed animals donated to those in need. She wants for us to give away her personal belongings with thought, be there for one another, don’t let what has been built so far to fall down, and continue to live life with happiness. And no crying allowed.

Glen and Michael, she knew you loved her. And her love for you was seen by others. Kenny and the Surrette family: your love for Michelle was apparent, as was hers for you. Thank you for making her so happy. To Nan & Pop, Pop, her aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, anyone who took care of her - especially the staff the New Hampshire Oncology Hematology and the nurses on the king unit at the Elliot Hospital - she was so grateful for all you did for her. She did not want to be any trouble. She loved all of you so much.

Michelle taught us about life’s lessons: If obstacles bring you down, let determination bring you up. In dreams and love there are no impossibilities. Live well, love much, laugh often. Live and be happy.

I know that I have been using the past tense when talking about Michelle. Even though Michelle will not be physically with us, she will continue to have a presence and impact on our lives. We will always picture her big smile and how her eyes sparkled. We will continue to have beautiful memories of her and how she did not give up the fight. Her legacy will live on with Michelle’s Law. She will continue to touch our lives everyday. We will never forget her.

Her IM Screen name, shelle978, may be offline, but know that she is watching over all of us and wanting us to be happy. If she had an away message it would read: Some people come into our lives and quickly go, others leave footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same. You all left a footprint on her heart as well as she left a footprint on our hearts… for which we will never be the same.

Thank you for being a part of Michelle’s life. As a part of her life you are a part of ours.

Michelle will continue to touch and change the lives of so many – something most of us will never do after 80 years on this planet – with Michelle’s Law.

Rest In Peace, baby, and until we meet again.

We love you!!!!!!! You are a hero!!!!!

And we will keep your memory and legacy alive.

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