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"Dedicated to Health Insurance for College Students".

Prior to Michelle’s Law

Q: How was a full-time dependent college student covered before Michelle’s Law?

A: Students between the ages of 19-24 could continue their health coverage under their parent’s policy as long as they remained as a full-time student (12 credits).

Q: What happened when dependent students became too ill to maintain a full-time college schedule?

A: They would either lose their insurance or could continue their coverage under the C.O.B.R.A. portion of the parent’s policy for an additional premium. By law it can be as much as 102% of the premium for up to 36 months; many families cannot afford this expense.

Under Michelle’s Law

Q: Who is covered by Michelle’s Law?

A: Seriously ill or injured full-time college students are covered, if their physician provides written documentation supporting the need for the medical leave. To be eligible, a student must already have been covered by the parent’s health insurance policy.

Q: How long is a student covered under the law?

A: Students are able to take up to 12 months medical leave of absence without a reduction in their health care coverage and/or a C.O.B.R.A. premium.

Q: How many students will be affected by Michelle’s Law?

A: According to The New Hampshire Sunday News, an estimated .0058% of New Hampshire’s 18-24 year olds – or a total of six students – are eligible for coverage under this law (Under the Dome, March 20, 2005, p. A12). It is reasonable to assume that other states would have comparable percentage of students who would be covered.

Q: Does this legislation adversely impact health insurance companies?

A: During a NH Commerce Committee hearing, both Anthem Blue Cross and Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance companies stated that this legislation would not adversely affect their bottom lines.

Q: Are there other states with similar legislation?

A: To date, we know of at least nine states that have, or are trying to pass, legislation that provides coverage for full-time college students who become seriously ill or injured. AnnMarie Morse is working with people from other states to encourage the passage of similar legislation.

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